How to Grow Tremella Mushroom | Is It Possible?

How to Grow Tremella Mushroom | Is It Possible?

Can You Grow Tremella Mushroom?

Growing tremella mushrooms are best left to seasoned mushroomers, since the process can be difficult. The traditional method for growing tremella mushrooms, and one that is still used in parts of China, where they call them Silver Ear Mushrooms, is by growing them on logs using a spore hopper. But these days, most commercially produced tremella are grown in bags, in blocks with supplementary hardwood woodchip substrate. This video shows how commercially grown tremella mushrooms are grown in Southeast China.

Where to Buy Tremella Mushroom Supplements

The best place to buy Tremella Mushroom Extract, Tinctures, or Skin Products is on-line. Several different companies offer organic tremella products, and there are numerous products available if you Google or search Amazon for “tremella”. We prefer tremella mushroom supplement from Real Mushrooms that you can find on our tremella mushroom supplement page. Be sure to purchase tremella from a reputable business, and look for 100%-natural products with no synthetic ingredients or weird additives. Liquid extracts and tinctures that contain tremella mushrooms are another way to include this mushroom in your routine.

Extracts are concentrated liquids containing beneficial, water-soluble compounds found in tremella mushrooms. While tinctures are typically made using a double-extraction process, containing both water-soluble and alcohol-soluble compounds found in mushrooms. To consume extracts or tinctures, squeeze one to two dropsperfuls under the tongue once or twice daily, or add two full dropsperfuls into coffee or a smoothie.

Like many other medicinal mushrooms, these beautiful, unique mushrooms have anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, antioxidant, immune-boosting, and anti-aging properties. What makes them unique is their amazing water-holding abilities, and the fact that eating Tremellomycetes helps to keep your skin moisturized. One of the easiest ways to use them and enjoy the benefits that they provide is with Tremella Mushroom Extract, either in liquid form or in powder form.

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